Héraðslistinn – Respect, energy and joy

The Socialist Association at Fljótsdalshérað – Héraðslistinn (X-L) respects their fellow inhabitants and coworkers, the environment and their tasks. Héraðslistinn has the energy needed to promote their ideals and ideas and carry them through. And joyfully as well! The agenda is definate and responsable, it is in line with the community‘s financial reality, yet ambitious because Héraðslistinn is a firm believer in the future of Fljótsdalshérað and East Iceland.

Our main issues

  • Increased collaboration between East Iceland‘s communities is the best way to ensure a vibrant society in this part of the country. Héraðslistinn will support Fljótsdalshérað‘s open minded participation in any discussion during the term, relating to the union of one or more neighbouring communities and taking into account all of the inhabitants interests.
  • Our community‘s administration has to be efficient, open and transparent. The community, its employees and the elected representatives are there to serve the inhabitants who have the right to observe the work that is being carried out, at all stages.
  • During the term, Héraðslistinn will place a huge emphasis on an inclusive solution for the community‘s sewer issues, a solution that meets all demands regarding the protection of the environment. Also, we should continue the excellent work in recycling waste disposal thus enabling the inhabitants to do their bit to protect the environment.
  • Héraðslistinn will continue to work on permanent solutions regarding day care for our youngest inhabitants, also, to ensure that every child has access to diverse hobbies and good schools that strive to meet each and every student on an equal basis where human resources and facilities are used in a sensible manner.
  • Héraðslistinn wishes to define the specialites of the community‘s business and reinforce it with a resiliant infrastructure. A particular accent will be put on a reception plan for new foreign inhabitants who are very valuable to the community. It is hugely important that we all do our best to enable them to settle in and feel welcome.

Guiding lights

  • During the term, Fljótsdalshérað should, in collaboration with other communities in East Iceland, work towards increasing the number of psychologists at East Iceland‘s School Office as to shorten the waiting list for analysis and consultation for children and teenagers.
  • A democracy policy should be shaped in order to mobilize the inhabitants to partake in diverse issues and policy making.
  • The set up of a reception plan for inhabitants of a foreign origin who relocate to the community. A special regard should be placed for a support in icelandic classes and mother tongue classes for bilingual children.
  • Finish an agreement on a cultural house with the government, in accordance with a clause in its budgetary plan for 2018-2022.
  • Fljótsdalshérað needs to have a diverse selection of hobbies. For that to happen, the youth work of different organizations has to be reinforced and the human resources available brought to use.
  • The building of sports facilities should continue in accordance with the town council‘s agreed plan.
  • The services of day care providers and the interactions between kindergartens and day care providers will be closely examined. The community should explore how to facilitate those interested in becoming day care providers to do so.
  • All ways to increase diverse approach in teaching should be looked at, including an expanded access to tablets as well as the retraining of teachers and other school professionals.
  • A responsable and transparent financial policy delivers results. It is important that it enjoys a broad political support.
  • Continued pressure for the imminent inclusion of a new bridge over Lagarfljót in the government‘s transport plan. In close collaboration with transport authorities, productive work should continue to ensure the laying of asphalt on the community‘s secondary roads and the overall improvement of its roads.
  • Public transport should be reinforced. The community should continue to lobby for the defination of domestic flight as being public transport.
  • Improve the care and appearance of the town‘s center and other open areas in close collaboration with companies and institutions. Instigate a cooperation with the aforementioned parties, organizations and inhabitants on the exploitations of certain areas.
  • The community‘s administrations needs to be robust, simple and efficient and decisions clear and well argumented. The basis should be the equality of the inhabitants and clear rules.
  • The revision of the community‘s human resource policy has to be finished, keeping in mind that Fljótsdalshérað is an important employer that needs to take good care of its employees and their welfare.
  • Increase even further the recycling of waste disposal and inform the inhabitants of the results. The community should become a plastic bag free community during the term.

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